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Being Fair to Nature is about rebuilding the world’s wildlife through nature friendly production methods. In the UK alone we have lost 97% of wildflower meadows. It’s critical that we demand products that are ethical, sustainable and Fair to Nature!

We do this by licensing brands that use ‘Fair to Nature’ farming practices to boost biodiversity. Certified farms create specific wildlife habitats on at least 10% of their land and follow our unique sustainability protocol.

Leading brands like Allinson Flour and the RSPB are already supporting farmers who adopt this way of farming.

Join our Fair to Nature movement to reverse the decline in wildlife and help us convert more brands to the cause by choosing products that are Fair to Nature.

We need your help to persuade more brands to be #FairtoNature – Please share!


  • Join the 2023 Big Butterfly Count!
  • Bees Needs Week
  • The Plight of the Curlew
  • The Barn Owl – a silent hunter
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Did you know that RSPB bird food is Fair to Nature? The majority of seeds and grains in the RSPB bird food range are sourced from our Fair to Nature farms, where farmers provide food crops for farmland birds alongside growing seed crops for the birds in our gardens. Why not encourage birds to visit your garden by providing them with some RSPB bird food!

Find out more about the RSPB's Fair to Nature bird food range...



Operation Turtle Dove is a project designed to reverse the dramatic decline in the European Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur). The project is trying to address the various issues effecting this iconic bird, such as loss of habitat, hunting and disease.

Visit to find out how you too can help!

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